The night is cold and dark. The children are asleep upstairs, their dreams troubled and restless. The babysitter (Dora Madison), equally unsettled, wanders the house alone. It's as if she's waiting for something. Something dark, something unnerving. A stranger arrives at the door...

Night of the babysitter follows the enigmatic father (Bill Oberst Jr.) and his offspring on a quest for revenge for wrongs committed against his family. Walking the line between satisfaction and oblivion, he and his child are left with a trail of bodies and the lives of the innocent in their hands. 

Can revenge ever be sweet?


Date of the Dead is a dark comedy horror anthology that showcases 3 different types of horror genres, Slasher, Home Invasion, and the main course, zombies.

Starting with home invasion, an awkward couple hang out out a house while a group of masked men outside have different plans for their night.

The slasher pits a detached male high school student up against an evil squad of cheerleaders which ultimately leads to a climax that no one will see coming.

In the final short, a man is plagued with commitment issues, while one night tossing aside yet another female victim he meets a different kind of girl. Could she be the one? Unfortunately on this night the corpses of his previous relationships “rise from the grave” to reclaim him. One girl is never enough for Corbin, but by the end of the night Corbin will have his fill.



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